The following links group sites of interest in the domain of microscopy (The links will open in a new browser window).

Confocal Bookmarks

A collection of links of interest developed by Dr. Aryeh M. Weiss for microscopists including image basics, equipment, software and fluorophores.


WWW Virtual Library: Microscopy

A Virtual Library about Microscopy, a comprehensive site with over 2000 links encompassing all aspects of the subject.


The Visible Human Project®

The Visible Human Project. An impressive tour de force of male and female human anatomy.


Medical Image Volume Visualization Software FAQ

Questions about image volume visualization software? Read the FAQ!


Tips & Tricks of Microscopy

Tips and Tricks of Microscopy - hundreds of useful ideas for maintaining, and getting the most out of, your microscope.


3-D Confocal Microscopy Home Page

A superb web site cataloging everything you need to know about 3D laser scanning confocal microscopy including links to companies, software (freeware/shareware) and meeting announcements. Developed by a graduate student in the Department of Physiology at UBC


Biomedical Imaging Group

The Biomedical Imaging Group at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre. Established by the late Dr. Fred Fay this group has made innumerable contributions to digital imaging microscopy and has designed and developed some of the worlds best microscopes and software for deconvolving and analysing digital images.


National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research

A site containing free software that will perform a variety of useful tasks


Scientific Volume Imaging b.v.

A commercial site developed by Dr. Hans van der Voort, a leader in deconvolution microscopy. Although primarily a commercial site there is a lot of useful information about deconvolution microscopy and the use of deconvolution algorithms in digital images acquired from a variety of platforms.


Deconvolution Microscopy

A commercial site, but with a useful section of questions and answers about deconvolution microscopy.


University of British Columbia

Homepage of the University of British Columbia


UBC Physiology

TheDepartment of Physiology at UBC


UBC BioSciences Electron Microscopy Facility

Visit the Electron microscopy and confocal imaging facility at UBC - a central resource for faculty and students


Microscopy Society of America

The Microscopy Society of America


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